Sunday, May 22, 2011

We Did It!

Thanks to all the volunteers who helped make our Ground Breaking Day in the garden such a success. We couldnt have done it without you. You braved the drizzle the heavens sent upon us and never complained. Look at what we accomplished, a garden we can be proud of.

I was too busy to take photos yesterday but my brother had his camera and has around 200 photos still to come. I hope everyone saw the group photo on our Facebook page here. I took the above photo today and was surprised to see lots of people already planting their beds.

You can tell an experienced gardener when the Remay cloth comes out. This white fabric is used to keep pests away. That little white winged moth you see flying around right now would love to lay eggs in your vegetables. The use of Remay helps to prevent cabbage moth problems.

I talked about recycling on my blog at Seed Sow and Grow. Reusing plastic in the garden is a great way to ward off creatures like cutworms. The bottom of this plastic container was cut out and it surrounds the new cucumber seedling giving it protection for its first weeks of growth.

This same gardener cut out the bottoms of her milk jugs and placed them over her pepper plants. Peppers are heat loving plants and this will ease their transition in to the garden until its a bit warmer outside.

Okay lets see if you can tell me whats wrong with this picture. Any guesses? Only in Ladner would we see this!

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