Wednesday, May 4, 2011

We Are So Excited!

You know a gardener when the site of cut grass makes you happy. Funny how those simple things can mean so much. Well, that's just what happened at the site of the new proposed community garden at Kensington park. The city has been in and cut the grass where our garden will be. We walked the site today and it is dry, dry, dry, can you believe it after all this rain?

We also noticed white paint marks on the ground. We didn't know what they were for so off to the city we went.The paint lines designate the amount of land we have in the park. We met with the city parks director and staff and found out they had been meeting to discuss the plowing of the land with one of our councilors.They are also figuring out when the water is going in and we will know more next week.

So its time to get your seeds or transplants picked out as we hope to get planting before the end of May.
Are you wondering what you should be planting in May? Here are a few ideas- Pepper and eggplant transplants,squash,cucumbers,brussel sprouts,beans, broccoli and cabbage transplants,potatoes,parsley and cauliflower. With our cooler temperatures, I would even plant some lettuce transplants, arugula, beets, carrots and kale.If you check out the West Coast Seeds catalogue there is a great planting guide just inside the front cover and so much good information on how to grow food.

The lumber arrives at my home this coming Friday, May 6, where we hope to build some of the beds and transport them to the site. If you want to help build,let us know.
We are also having a meeting of allotment holders on May 11 at 7pm at Kensington Park. Bring a lawn chair and we will go over our vision for the garden, the timeline and events we have planned. We have some handouts for the new gardeners.
We cant wait to meet all of you.

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