Thursday, May 19, 2011

Countdown to Our Big Day

Its only two more sleeps and we open the Ladner Community Garden. If you have been by the park, the city is dumping soil for us to use. Thank you Corporation of Delta for all the help you have given us.
Last night we started moving the raised beds nearer to our site so they are easy to transport on Saturday morning. Here is the first box going on the farm trailer. Thanks to my brother, Tron, who borrowed a trailer from the Guichons to get these over to our site.

Hubby helped my brother load the boxes on the trailer. It was lots of work.

They were stacked as high as they could go. I was sure glad I wasn't the one towing this load. My brother had no problems but try pulling out of my driveway with a load this big. Arthur Drive can be busy but we waited until the hockey game started and everything got quiet. Lucky us!

Everyone was strapped down and secured for the trip. I followed behind with flashers on as we drove the farm roads to our site.

There they go ahead of me. Now that the boxes are in storage, its time to get everything else ready for Saturday. Hope to see you there.

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