Sunday, May 29, 2011

Soil and Toil!

Its only been one week since the volunteers helped build the Ladner Community Garden. Look how far we have come. The photo above is just three truck loads of the six loads we received from the city and then the manure arrived, all twenty yards of it. I figure it must have been about eighty,yes eighty,yards of soil and manure for us to shovel.
I know how hard we all worked and how much we ached afterwards.

This is what is left of that huge pile just seven days later. All I can say is wow! That is a lot of shoveling! Our beds are filled and our gardens are planted.

Today the food bank garden took shape thanks to some serious hard work by a few dedicated volunteers.

We couldn't wait to plant some seeds. In went potatoes, beans, rutabagas, onions, spinach and lettuce. We cant wait to share the bounty with the food bank.

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