Monday, March 17, 2014

Are You Looking for an Allotment Garden?

Are you looking for somewhere to garden and be part of a community of gardeners? We have just the solution. This spring a few beds have opened up in the Ladner Community Garden. Each raised bed is 4' by 10' and 10" high. This size bed will produce enough salad greens for two people all summer long.
The cost of having an allotment at the Ladner Community Garden is $40 per year with our year running from January 1-December 31. You would also be required to obtain a membership for as little as $10 for seniors over the age of 65, $15 for a single membership and $25 for a family membership.
The Ladner Community Garden encourages everyone to help out at work parties during the growing season to keep our garden looking top notch. Having a garden does require commitment as you may have to water often during hot dry weather. It is also a requirement that you harvest in a timely manner to lessen any theft in the garden.

We have community meals in the garden during the summer months followed by a Christmas social in November. What's great about belonging to a community garden is the friendships made, the learning from each other and the wonderful harvest of fresh organic vegetables.
Does this sounds like something you are interested in? If so email me at deltagardener at for more info and to set up an appointment.
The Ladner Community Garden is located at 6467 Holly Park Drive in Ladner.