Sunday, May 15, 2011

Build a Bed day for the Community Garden

Yesterday we invited volunteers over to 'build a bed' day. We figured if we got half the raised beds built before our ground breaking day on May 21, we would be ahead of the game and people much closer to planting their gardens.

Lots of helpers arrived yesterday morning and quickly got to work.It rained lightly at first but the tent kept the power tools dry. We gardeners weren't put off by a bit of rain.

If you look in the background of the photo above you will see they finished the first box.Each box is four feet by ten feet and ten inches deep. A great size to plant an array of vegetables in.

As you can see the raised beds are quickly filling in the space under my rose arbor. I knew there was a reason I weeded that area on Friday.

Everyone had a great time working together. Now can you believe this? All 46 raised beds were finished in three hours!! I couldn't believe it. It was a great job done by all.

While some volunteers were building beds, others planted. Here we planted seeds to grow for the food bank garden. In total,four trays of seeds are planted up and sitting warm and cozy in my greenhouse. As soon as the food bank garden gets prepared the seedlings will be moved to their home in the garden. We also planted five blueberry bushes in to pots for our fruit garden. I will water and care for them until we have the fruit garden established.
Many thanks to all the volunteers that worked so hard to get the building and sowing done. I can't wait until our ground breaking day next Saturday,May 21.

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