Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Saturday is Ground Breaking Day!

This week is so busy with trying to get everything ready for Saturday, May 21, our ground breaking day. Our raised beds are built and we have a hay trailer coming to take the beds over to the park this weekend. We could use a few guys to help with the loading at my place and the unloading on Saturday morning at the park. Let me know if you can help.

Just a reminder to save cardboard or newspaper for the bottom of your allotment beds. You can get cardboard boxes from many stores, even flats from the liquor store will do. We will be practicing lasagna gardening in the bottom of the raised beds so the grass doesn't grow through. Make sure you bring some on Saturday morning.
We are looking for a volunteer to man the concession table, no cooking is involved so not a hard job but we will have thirsty gardeners. We also need someone to man a sign in table and to give out name tags.These are great jobs for those who cannot shovel soil.
For everyone wanting to help out on Saturday here is a list of what you may want to bring:
Garden gloves or work gloves
screw driver
lawn chair
garden trowel
coffee mug
safety goggles
cardboard or newspapers
bag lunch, we will have refreshments and snacks for purchase

Hope to see you there. I cant wait to see all the beds filled with soil. We will be at the site of the new community garden by 9am and work until we are done. The goal on Saturday is to get the beds filled with soil and the food bank garden ready to go. Then we can plant all weekend to our hearts content. It even looks like the weather will cooperate.

Happy Gardening,

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