Thursday, October 10, 2013

We are Missing our Scarecrows- Can You Help?

Yesterday the grade three class that comes to the Ladner Community Garden had a fun time building scarecrows. At the end of the school day we placed four of the scarecrows in the garden as we like to show the public what the community garden is all about. Well, we may never do that again.

Sometime between 3pm on October 9 and 10am on October 10, three out of the four scarecrows were kidnapped, gone, vanished! These guys are a bit awkward to carry as the wooden supports are long and a bit heavy if you are walking with them. The three scarecrows that went missing are the ones with pillow cases for heads in the top photo.
If you saw anyone walking by with scarecrows under their arm yesterday or any suspicious activity near the garden on Holly Park Drive in east Ladner please let me know.
All the clothes were bought from the local thrift shop out of my own personal money. When I visit the thrift shop the ladies are going to ask me how it went with the scarecrow day. Won't they be shocked to hear what has happened.
The children don't know about the scarecrows yet and I haven't the heart to break it to them . Right now I am disheartened by this loss and my faith in human nature has been squashed. Taking from the children is not right.
If you know their whereabouts contact me at deltagardener at

Monday, October 7, 2013

It Has Been a Wonderful Harvest Year!

As we reach this time of year, we are thankful for the abundant harvests we have had at the Ladner Community Garden. What grew well this year were the peas and beans. Loads and loads of beans just kept coming until the temperatures dropped.

This season comes to a close soon but we have accomplished a lot. Our new fence is up and its looking great. The work on our hedgerow began this year and we have more shrubs coming. We just need a volunteer work party to get it done.

If you have been by the garden our pergola is coming along. The cement work is almost done and we are preparing to build some new flower gardens using recycled concrete. Did you know our front rockery is made from four recycled driveways? Now that's recycling at its best.

The grade three class has had a lot of fun learning at the garden. We have a couple more classes this month and the students will return in the spring. So far the students this year have donated 100 pounds of fresh vegetables to the food bank and mental health society. Recently they planted a 100 mile diet salad garden to learn about eating locally. They are getting pretty excited to harvest their pumpkins. We will teach the children how to make pumpkin soup at the end of October. Its a good lesson in food preparation.
Are you looking for an allotment for next year? Just contact me if you are interested. You can reach me at deltagardener at
Right now we have a small waiting list for allotments but the wait is not usually too long.  We will also do tours if you would like to bring a group through the garden.
To our present allotment holders and volunteers, thank you for all the work that you have done either at work parties or in the children's garden. This garden is not just a garden but a community of like minded souls that share information and stories. Its all about the conversation.
If you are still looking for ways to get your volunteer hours in this year, please contact Kristin for ideas on how this can be done.
Happy gardening!