Friday, October 13, 2017

Planning is Underway for Ladner Seedy Saturday

Planning is now underway for Ladner Seedy Saturday 2018.  It will be held on March 3, 2018 at the All Saints Anglican Church in Ladner.  We moved the date to March after experiencing a late spring in 2017. We know a later date means more plants will be available from our vendors. It was pretty hard to find plants for sale when there was still snow on the ground.

Our seed swap is always the highlight of the event so if you are a seed saver, this is the place to go. Bring your unused seeds from this year to our seed swap. They must be packaged in small envelopes so they can be traded at the event. We can't receive large bagfuls of seed on event day as the volunteers won't have time to sort and package them. It's important to plan ahead and label and pack your seeds before you arrive.

Ladner Seedy Saturday is a fundraiser for the Ladner Community Garden which opened in 2011. One of the missions of the community garden is to grow for the local food bank and other charities. This summer we partnered with the Anglican Church in Ladner and donated vegetables grown at the garden towards their community meals for low income people. From beets, carrots potatoes and garlic it made for heartwarming meals this summer and well into the fall.

So save the date of March 3, 2018. If you would be interested in being a vendor at our event please comment below.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Thank You from the Ladner Community Garden Society

Thank you to all our wonderful vendors, speakers and customers for supporting Ladner Seedy Saturday and Garden Expo this year. We had a successful event with just under four hundred people attending our event. A good time was had by all.

Thank you from the Ladner Community Garden Society

The highlight of the event was the arrival of our first speaker, Brian Minter. I cannot tell you how many people called or emailed to ask when he would be speaking. Brian is the guru of gardening here in British Columbia and his audience numbers attest to his popularity.

Thank you from the Ladner Community Garden Society

Shelley Levis presented an interesting talk on how to use edible flowers. Did you know all parts of the sunflower are edible, even the roots? She also taught us how to use nasturtiums not only as a trap plant for aphids but in salads as well.

Thank you from the Ladner Community Garden Society

Gary Lewis from Phoenix Perennials arrived with trays and trays of Hellebores and talked about them and their care. The Hellebore Hurrah starts this Friday so be sure to visit Phoenix Perennials to see what the garden center has to offer.

Thank you from the Ladner Community Garden Society

Mike Nugent from Bartlett Tree Experts gave an interesting talk about trees and their care. We saw some bad pruning practises and some good so it was a lesson learned for many. Imagine scaling a tree like this one. For the Bartlett crew, this is done everyday.

Thank You from the Ladner Community Garden Society

Vendors filled the large hall at the Ladner United Church and at times it was packed with customers. The seed swap was kept very busy and we had interesting seeds traded. New at the seed swap were some interesting Asian vegetable seeds and we had requests for seeds for Lebanese vegetables. I love the diversity that seed sharing brings to our community. I will be testing out the Chinese celery seeds that came in to see how it compares to regular celery. People arrived with seed stories like the one gardener who had been growing her Japanese squash seeds since the 1970's. Now that's a seed we want to preserve. That's what Seedy Saturdays are all about, spreading the word about seed diversity.

I want to thank Jim Short and his staff and volunteers at Ladner United Church for hosting our event. The venue was stunning and we loved having our event there.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Are You Coming to Ladner Seedy Saturday and Garden Expo 2017?

Are you coming to Ladner Seedy Saturday and Garden Expo 2017

Its less than a week until the Ladner Community Garden Society and the Ladner United Church opens the doors for Ladner Seedy Saturday and Garden Expo 2017. We are still getting requests from vendors and I am working on different layouts to fit everyone in. It looks like we have the Kelpman and Mike and Sandy's Berry farm coming again this year.

Are You Coming to Ladner Seedy Saturday and Garden expo 2017?

We have a wonderful lineup of speakers including Brian Minter, Gary Lewis, Shelley Levis and Mike Nugent. The presentations will be in the Ladner United Church's sanctuary and the vendors will be in the celebration hall. Entrance to the event is through the main doors at the front of the church.

Are You coming to Ladner Seedy Saturday & Garden Expo 2017

Parking is always a struggle to find in our small town as its free. Yes, free parking, imagine that. So if you can walk to the event that's great or if you are driving try to use the public parking lots located at the corner of Elliot street and Chisholm street, along the Ladner Memorial Park on 47 avenue and along 47A avenue. Parking in front of the church will be reserved for our speakers so they can haul their precious plants inside for you to buy. Parking in the business area of historic Ladner is limited to three hours but may be long enough for you to hear a speaker and visit the vendors.

The ladies of the church will have refreshments so you can grab a coffee or a sandwich as you browse the show. We look forward to having fun next Saturday and hope to see you there. This event is a fundraiser for the Ladner Community Garden Society so that we can help support school gardens in our community.
A big thanks goes to the Ladner United Church for hosting our event. We couldn't have done it without your support.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

18 Days to Go Until Ladner Seedy Saturday & Garden Expo 2017

18 days to go until Ladner Seedy Saturday & Garden Expo 2017

Ladner Seedy Saturday and Garden Expo 2017 is only 18 days away. We are finalizing tables and seating with the Ladner United Church, our host this year. Wait until you see our new venue, its stunning inside with room for everyone. There will be lots of seating for our speakers so no rush to get in early.

18 Days to go until Ladner Seedy Saturday & Garden Expo 2017

I look forward to meeting some of our new vendors. Below is a list of the vendors we have coming this year.

Wild Ginger Designs
Salt Spring Seeds
West Coast Seeds
Tropic to Tropic
South Delta Garden Club
Kurtis's Photo Cards
J & J Enterprises-More plants!
Succulent Avenue
Bartlett Tree Experts
Corporation of Delta Engineering
Vancouver Master Gardeners
Westham Island Herb Farm
Local Kiwi by D
Y-Grip Tools
Linda's Garden Collectibles

18 Days to go until Ladner Seedy Saturday & Garden Expo 2017

Don't forget the seed swap. It will be located in the main hall with the vendors. Bring your seeds to trade. Be sure to mark the seed packages with name of plant, when the seed was harvested, colour, height, number of seeds and a bit of growing information if you can. Use small coin envelopes to pack your seeds.
Are you wondering how to get to the church? Here are directions.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Ladner Seedy Saturday is Less Than a Month Away!

Ladner Seedy Saturday and Garden Expo is less than a month away. I love attending this event as its the start of the garden season. Its at this time that I will think about which seeds to buy and grow in my garden. This year we have Salt Spring Seeds and West Coast Seeds coming with their wonderful selection of seeds. Its time to go through their catalogues to get an idea of what you may want to pick up. February means you can think about planting pac choi in the garden, maybe some salad greens if you are growing in a greenhouse or hoop house.

March is the official start in the vegetable garden with potatoes, onions and broad beans being planted. Yes, you don't have to wait until May to get started. You want to get your cool season crops started. Living in the lower mainland of BC we can plant earlier than many other areas.

We also have Tropic to Tropic Plants coming with his array of interesting tropical plants. Last year Ray had avocado, paw paw and lemon shrubs. I can't wait to see what he brings this year. I am hoping he has some Camellia sinensis so I can grow more tea.

If you are growing in small spaces we have our container expert coming back once again. Robyn, owner of Wild Ginger Designs, is well known in the community for her unique garden containers.

Don't forget to check through your seeds from last year. Is there something you didn't like or do you have too much seed left over? Bring your leftover seeds packaged in small envelopes to trade at our annual seed swap. Be sure to label them with all the growing information such as colour, height, number of seeds and plant name so it can help the next person who plants them.

We hope to see you at Ladner Seedy Saturday and Garden Expo 2017. This year we have a new location at the Ladner United Church, 4960 48 avenue in Ladner. I want to thank the church for hosting our event.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Ladner Seedy Saturday & Garden Expo 2017 News

Its official, our speakers are booked and we are in the last of the planning stages for Ladner Seedy Saturday and Garden Expo 2017. Now to get our vendors organized and iron out a few more details. There are always a few last minute items to deal with. Be sure to package up your unwanted seeds for our annual seed swap. I will be bring some heirloom tomato seeds to trade.

Ladner Seedy Saturday & Garden Expo 2017 News

Our poster is ready for printing so you will see it around the community. We have four wonderful speakers once again. I must give a shout out to Jennifer's Graphics for the great poster she created for us again this year.

Ladner Seedy Saturday & Garden expo 2017 News

Brian Minter will start the day with a talk on "Whats New and Funky in Food Gardening" at 10:00am. I am sure Brian needs no introduction as he is a well known speaker. Brian is famous for his passion in gardening which is so evident in his talks. Brian will be bringing plants to sell at the event. For those of you who haven't heard Brian Minter speak, he is the owner of Minter Country Garden Store along with his wife Faye.

Shelley Levis is an amazing gardener, do it yourselfer and crafter. She can transform any container into a work of art. Shelley will be showing us how to make some unique containers for starting seeds and give us a lesson on how to use edible flowers. Check out her website over at Sow and Dipity for some great gardening ideas. Shelley is often heard speaking at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show in Seattle as well at various venues around the lower mainland.

Ladner Seedy Saturday & Garden expo 2017 News

After lunch we have Gary Lewis from Phoenix Perennials in Richmond, BC coming to talk about Hellebores. Hellebores are the jewels of the garden and bloom from winter to late spring. Phoenix Perennials has the latest cutting edge plants, old fashioned favourites and the rare and unusual. If you are looking for Hellebores he may have some at the show.

Our last speaker of the day is Mike Nugent from Bartlett Tree Experts. Mike will be talking about woody plant care for our gardens. This will be very timely going into the spring garden season. After all it will soon be time to prune our trees and shrubs in the garden. Come learn from an expert on how best to take care of your shrubs and trees.