Thursday, May 12, 2011

Saturday Build a Bed Day

Thanks to everyone who showed up last night in the rain for our community garden meeting. It was so nice to put a face to the names.
This coming Saturday, May 14, we will be building as many raised beds as we can. We will be building them at my home on Arthur Drive. If you want to help just give me a call or an email.We will try and do a sun dance and hope it helps with the weather. Either way , we will still be building rain or shine. This is so exciting, getting actually so close to planting.

Have you thought about what you will be planting once your bed is built and filled with soil? Make sure to choose vegetables that your family will eat. Its no point growing stuff that they don't. Easy things to start with are lettuce, mesclun greens, spinach, radishes,potatoes,carrots,beets and arugula. Tomatoes are easy to grow too but are best grown under plastic to prevent having blight problems. Check out West Coast Seeds for their catalogue. It has a wonderful planting chart inside the front cover and all their seeds are suited to our climate.
For all the allotment holders, please try to gather some cardboard to place in the bottom of your raised bed. Once the bed is in place, we want to place a layer of cardboard in the bottom to kill off any weeds that may be there. The cardboard is a great way to hold them back. Once the soil goes in the cardboard will decompose over the season. You will be amazed at how many earthworms this type of lasagna gardening attracts. If you would like to learn more about lasagna gardening, check out the subject online and at the library. It is the lazy gardeners way to creating great soil. Another great resource for raised beds is the book called 'Square Foot Gardening'.
Hope to see you this weekend.
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