Thursday, December 17, 2015

It's Time to Get Ready For Ladner Seedy Saturday & Garden Expo 2016

Ladner Seedy Saturday

Its been a while since I posted but watering took way more time than I would have liked this year. It was a great year for growing vegetables with everyone having huge harvests of crops such as cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and herbs. They loved our warm temperatures. Now that our community garden beds have been put to bed, its time to plan for next year. Its time to cozy up with a few seed catalogues and a cup of tea and plan our gardens. While it rains outside we can only hope the rain is fuelling the trees and shrubs that had a hard time this past summer.

Ladner Seedy Saturday

So what is new at the community garden? We had a lot of new gardeners this year and everyone had a great time meeting each other over a meal during our garden potluck. With our busy lives it was nice to slow down and share a meal. Our last meeting was last month when we shared a harvest dinner together. Its interesting how food brings people together. Whether it be in a garden trading gardening secrets or over a meal, its a wonderful way to connect.
As we leave 2015 behind I hope our allotment holders decide to stay another year. The first year can be a real learning experience but its all about learning as we go along. We like to help you if you are a newbie and let you revel in your success. Many of us are seasoned gardeners wanting to lend a hand. Never be afraid to ask a question as we have all been new gardeners at one point.
We are starting to plan our big event, Ladner Seedy Saturday and Garden Expo 2016. This is a fundraiser for the Ladner Community Garden. Last year was so successful we decided to donate a large portion of the profits from our event to some local projects. We donated towards four school gardens in Ladner and  helped out a student studying at university in a field related to growing food or flowers. All of this would not have been possible without the support from the community and our sponsors.
I would like to announce the date for Ladner Seedy Saturday and Garden Expo 2016 is February 20, 2016. The event will be held at the Harris barn, 4140 Arthur drive in Ladner from 10:00am-4:00pm.
If you would like to be a vendor at this event please email me at deltagardener at Thats really not 'at' but @ but I need to fool the spammers.
Last year we had 900 people attend our event over a two day period. In order to not wear out our volunteers we decided to hold a one day event once again so come early. Doors will be open at 9:30am so you can get a seat for the first presentation. Oh wait, I didn't tell you did I?
We have four new garden speakers this year.

10:00am-David Catzel- Seed saving 101
11:30am-Conway Lum- Fruit Trees and Their Quirks
1:00pm-Egan Davis- Secrets of Becoming a Successful Gardener
2:30pm-Randy Shore- Grow What You eat, Eat What You Grow

We hope to see you there. It is the kickoff to the new garden season. I think we will have an early spring. Lets hope so.