Monday, May 11, 2015

News from the Ladner Community Garden

I bet you thought we disappeared off the face of the earth. My apologies for not posting sooner. Life is busy with new grandchildren and new projects. But let's take a look at whats been happening at the Ladner Community Garden.
This spring we had a huge interest in food gardening once again. We now have a wait list of eleven people and that's the longest its ever been. The directors are now brainstorming ways to shorten the list so be patient.

The volunteers got together on two Monday mornings and helped weed and spread bark mulch. They also built a support system for the blackberries and weeded out the blueberry patch.

We still have work to do but its hard with so few volunteers. The next project will be getting mulch on to the blueberry beds and planting under the pergola. I have plants to go in and they will look great. We just need a small work party to get the job done.
Everyone has lots growing at the garden and most of the beds are planted for the season. All our garden beds must be planted by the end of May. Its a short summer here so getting a head start is always a good idea.
The grade three class had their plant sale last week to raise money for a charity of their choice.

We planted up containers with an assortment of colourful plants from Violas to Marigolds. The plant sale was just before Mothers day so the children came to buy something for the special person in their life. There was much humming and hawing about which plant to buy. Decisions, decisions.

 One of the grade three students made cute little flowers for the containers. I think she needs to market these cute flowers.

Sunflower volunteer seedlings were transplanted from the community garden into pots for the sale. We saved a few sunflowers to grow over the summer but they tend to shade our crops.

The children also learned how to grow beans this year. From bush beans to scarlet runner and rattlesnake beans, we planted a bit of each. Its hard to believe the children will only come to the garden a few more times. They have learned about herbs, how to plant seeds and watch them grow and how to work together as a team. I hope each of them takes away life skills that stay with them as they grow.