Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Reflections From the Ladner Community Garden

Here it is the end of 2011 and a new year is about to begin. We had a great year in the new Ladner Community Garden. In January of 2011 my friend, Michelle and I talked about the need for a community garden in Ladner. All you had to do was get two passionate gardeners together and the vision appeared. We knew what we wanted so we started talking about it with other gardeners. Then we had to find the land for a community garden. After lots of driving around looking at potential sites, we approached the Corporation of Delta. We met with them and they seemed very excited about the garden We were ecstatic to say the least. They offered us two parks to choose from and we couldn't contain our excitement.

So in May of 2011 after much paperwork we built the garden.

We couldn't have done it without all the volunteers who came out in full force to lend a hand wherever they could. It was a fun time and a new community within a community was built. Friendships were made and we all learned from each other over the next few months.

On June 18 we had our official opening with Mayor Lois Jackson. Its was fun despite the rainy day. We had over forty brand new gardeners who all harvested vegetables from their allotment gardens this summer.

In September we had a class of grade three children come to learn at the garden. They had never harvested potatoes before!

We developed a garden to grow food for the food bank. This produced lots of fresh nutritious food for people who needed it.

What are our plans for 2012?

The grade three class is returning in the spring to learn how to grow food and flowers. We will be erecting a new shade structure for the neighbours to enjoy. We want the community garden to be a stopping place , to bring your coffee and chat with your neighbours and check out the gardens. We also hope to put in a new fruit and herb garden in the spring.

Not only do we have ideas and vision for our Ladner Community Garden, we want to have even more fun.
On January 28, 2012 we are holding our first Seedy Saturday at the Ladner Baptist church. If you don't know what a Seedy Saturday is click here. This is a fundraiser for the community garden so we can purchase plants for our new herb and fruit garden.

We also hope to have more community events, perhaps a plant sale, a scarecrow day, a garden tour or a pumpkin growing contest. Imagine a scarecrow building day where you can bring your family to build a scarecrow for the garden. Its so much fun!
Thanks to all our sponsors and the wonderful community we live in for supporting the Ladner Community Garden this year. Thanks goes out to the board of directors who have always been there. To Lynn, Sharon, Don and Michelle, it was a blast and it can only get better.
Happy New Year from the Ladner Community Garden. May all your gardens flourish and your bounty be full.

For info about the garden and Seedy Saturday email deltagardener@dccnet.com

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ladner Seedy Saturday presents Brian Campbell!

Have you heard the news? The Ladner Community Garden Society is holding the first Seedy Saturday in the lower mainland. Are you wondering what a Seedy Saturday is, click here. It will be a fun family event and a great way to kick off the new garden season.

We have several great presentations lined up for anyone attending this event and they are all free!

Our first presenter, I would like to announce, is Brian Campbell. Brian is a certified beemaster and beekeeper. Brian offers courses and hands on workshops for people interested in learning about bees. Brian is knowledgeable in both native and honey bees. I listened to one of Brian's presentations at the local garden club and his passion and enthusiasm for bees is contagious. Brian is president of the Bee Keepers Association, a BC associate master gardener, and beemaster for West Coast seeds. For more information, check out Brian's website at Blessed Bee Farm here.
I look forward to hearing his presentation at Seedy Saturday on January 28,2012 at the Ladner Baptist Church in Delta. For more info on Seedy Saturday in Ladner contact me @deltagardener on twitter or deltagardener@dccnet.com

Happy Gardening,

Friday, December 2, 2011

Seedy Saturday Event in Delta!

I hope you have all marked your calendars. Seedy Saturday is not far away. Vendor registrations are rolling in and this is looking like it will be a fun family event. We will be having gardening displays and speakers, educational displays, seeds, seeds and more seeds, plant specialists and interactive displays for the children. I hope you can attend.
If you are a vendor and would like to attend, please shoot me an email to deltagardener@dcccnet.com and I will send you a registration package.
This will be a great way to kick off the new garden season of 2012. Did you know we are the first Seedy Saturday south of the river here in Delta? I cant wait to see what new garden trends are coming!