Wednesday, March 16, 2016

It's Time to Plant Cool Season Crops

Its Time to Plant Cool Season Crops

With the weather starting to clear it's time to think cool season plants for the vegetable garden. If you are growing in raised beds at the community garden, it's time to plant radishes, peas, kale, spinach, lettuce and onion sets.

Its Time to Plant Cool Season Crops

Check out the garden centers now for the best selection in seed potatoes. Remember to rotate your crops so you don't plant the same crop in the same spot this year. By rotating your crops you will minimize problems with pests and disease.
If you haven't topped off your gardens with compost, manure or new soil, do this before you plant. With the rainfall we receive over the winter, nutrients are leached out of the soil. Its time to feed the soil so it can feed your plants.

Its Time to Plant Cool Season Crops

Direct sow peas in the garden as they don't like to be transplanted. Be sure to add a support system using poles and netting for the tendrils to cling to. If you like to save your own seed, look for open pollinated types of peas such as Lincoln Homesteader. Open pollinated seeds come true each year unlike their hybrid cousins.
Be sure to keep your seeds watered until they germinate. If seeds dry out they will die. Once they are up and growing you won't need to water as often. Its usually in late April that we start to get a dry spell. Do a finger test to see if the soil is damp a few inches below the surface. If it's damp don't water your seedlings. You want to encourage the plants roots to go down deep to look for moisture. Frequent watering has plant roots in the top part of the soil and that means extra watering. Let's not be slaves to our gardens this summer. Water well once each week and apply a mulch of straw, hay or leaves to keep moisture from evaporating.
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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Thanks to All for Your Support at Ladner Seedy Saturday

Ladner Seedy Saturday
Alex from West Coast Seeds 

Last weekend we held another successful Seedy Saturday and Garden Expo. People arrived as early as 9:00am trying to get in early. Lucky for us it was a nice day out so no one froze to death.  The parking filled up in the first few minutes. Thanks to the flagging staff who helped our customers find the overload parking and the shuttle bus to the event. I have had nothing but good comments about the staff.

Ladner Seedy Saturday
Jim the Kelpman

The vendors were kept busy all day long selling everything from seeds to plants and garden accessories. We strive to have something for everyone.

Ladner Seedy Saturday
Jassen's plant display

Our speakers did some amazing talks this year. We learned from Egan Davis about growing plants in sand and how well it works. Who knew? This type of gardening is taking place in Sweden and is very successful. It turns out the plants need little watering once established.

Ladner Seedy Saturday
David Catzel talks about seeds

David Catzel talked about seed saving and breeding. I learned that I need a lot more growing space to do breeding. Growing 200 plants to select seed from is a huge task.
Conway Lum talked about fruit trees and had a question and answer period. He could have answered questions for an hour as there was lots of interest. We all love to grow food including fruit.
Our last speaker was Randy Shore from the Vancouver Sun. Randy shared excerpts from his book and answered many garden questions.
The Kids Zone had a colouring and planting project upstairs and seem to be well attended.

Ladner Seedy Saturday
Big Fruit Company selling apples

We want to thank our vendors, customers, speakers, the Corporation of Delta and the volunteers for making this such a special day. We will be back again next year.