Friday, May 20, 2011

Soil Has Arrived!

Its the day before our Build a Garden Day and we are so anxious to get growing. The Corporation of Delta kindly donated 60 meters of compost and we still have another donation of soil coming from Pineland Peat. I was called last night to say one of our local farmers is donating a container of manure to help enrich our soil. It looks like we will have a very busy day tomorrow so bring your shovel and a smile.

The raised beds will be transported to the site in the morning so lets leave some room for truck and trailer to park near the front of the park. The less distance we have to carry the boxes the better.

We will have refreshments on site. Pizza, pop and a bag of chips for $2! There will be coffee for the early birds courtesy of Starbucks, one of our sponsors.
It is supposed to be a bit overcast but as a gardener I am optimistic for sunshine. If that does happen, be sure to use sunscreen to avoid that first sunburn. Don't forget to bring a lawn chair so you have somewhere to sit.
When you arrive, check in at our sign in table to get a name tag. I sure don't want to be yelling "Hey you!"
See you tomorrow at 9am if you can make it. Remember, many hands make light work.

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  1. Great to meet you Kristin, just sent you some links to possible funding sources. I'll have the girls their with wheelbarrow and gloves around 11 am. We'll do what we can until Shadow woofs and says come home and weed your own garden LOL. Things look super and I'm so glad our community has people like you and your team ! (Darryl says hi to Ian)
    See you tomorrow, Bonnie & Eowyn & Farryn (and Shadow & Puppa)