Monday, June 13, 2011

Our New Community Children's Garden is Built!

I am so happy to announce that our children's garden is built! It wouldn't have been possible without Jayson and his crew of volunteers from Ladner Baptist. It turns out some of our local churches were looking to help out in the community on June 11. Jayson, the youth pastor, approached me a few weeks ago and wondered if there was some way they could help us. Thats how the children's garden was born. Now these volunteers didn't just build our garden, some held a car wash, some did street cleanups and some did yard work for others. There are lots of ways to extend a helping hand in our community. Isn't that what community is all about?

I greeted the lumber arrival and thought I could take a shot of it rolling off the truck. Oh no, it went way too fast for my little point and shoot camera.

Jayson and his volunteers wearing their 'Love South Delta" T-shirts quickly got to work cutting the boards for the raised beds. They even brought all the tools needed for the job.

Many of our members came to give a helping hand. You know my motto: Many hands make light work". Even the kids arrived with sand buckets and shovels wanting to help.

In less than two hours, the children's garden was finished and all the beds were filled with soil. I couldn't wait to plant the seedlings from my greenhouse.

That afternoon a couple of us were back to the garden. We planted each children's bed with a sunflower and some beds with pumpkin and squash plants. During the week , kale will go in to one bed. You will see clumps of rhubarb in one bed as well. There are many more plants to come so that we have a harvest for the new September school garden class. Won't they be surprised to see pumpkins there when they arrive? I know they will love them.
Thanks again to all who helped on Saturday. This new community garden wouldn't be what it is today without all the wonderful people who have been there since day one.

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