Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ladner Community Garden General Meeting

On Monday, June 20, we had our first general meeting in the garden. Twenty four members signed in and we introduced ourselves. Many of us had not met each other so this was a good opportunity to get to know each other.

We started out our evening introducing our board member, Don Bruchet, who gave a talk on winter crops and how to use remay cloth in the garden to ward off pests such as cabbage moth and carrot rust fly.

He brought a sample for all to see. He also showed members how to use a seeding tool so that you don't waste seed when planting.

We walked over to one of the allotment gardens and Don gave us tips on how to thin our vegetables. He gently scooped a section of carrots out and showed us how to separate the plants. Yes, each tiny seedling is one carrot much to the disbelief of some of our members. Looks like we should have a thinning party and I don't mean weight loss.

After our speaker, we proceeded with a quick business meeting.Future plans for the garden include finding a source of bark chips as soon as possible so that the west allotment pathways can be completed.
We also went over the terms and conditions that everyone signed and answered questions.
For those of you going on holidays, I suggested making a sign to place in your garden so we know you are away. I will print up holiday signs and leave them in our new storage bin. If you cannot find someone to water for you, please let the board members know.
We discussed the garden photo contest that the city is putting on. It is open to all children from the ages 5-16. The Mayor is looking for all green thumb enthusiasts. Just grow a garden and send a date stamped photo of your garden from August 1 to September 12 to city hall. We have entry forms available if you want one for your family.
We are presently planning a picnic in the garden, tentatively it is planned for July 23 but we will send out more information in the coming weeks.
Treasurers report was read as of May 31. Since then we have received a donation to be used to build a large shade structure in the center of the garden. I see a build party in our future.
I hope everyone had a good time. I sure enjoyed the demonstration by Don.

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