Friday, June 10, 2011

Ladner Community Garden is Growing!

I had to post today as I wanted all the allotment owners to know that a city employee came to visit the garden today and she was amazed! She couldn't believe that everyone had plants growing already. Its been just three weeks tomorrow that we built this garden and I am so proud of all the hard work that has gone in to its creation.

I am pretty excited that the children's garden is going in tomorrow. Someone asked why it was important to put this garden in now when classes don't start to come until September. They even wondered what we would grow in September. It takes time to grow a garden as all of you know but many non gardeners don't quite get it. In my greenhouse are a flat of pumpkins and squash just waiting for a new home. If I plant these seedlings in the middle of June they will be ready for the children to harvest in October. The children will use their math in the garden by counting pumpkin seeds or measuring and weighing the pumpkins.

They will also be able to harvest the squash and pumpkin and make some delicious pumpkin soup. We also have some kale seedlings coming so that the children can try it out either fresh or as chips. Yes, kale chips, a better alternative to potato chips for sure and very tasty.
For those of you that are helping out tomorrow, we still need some cardboard to place under the chips in the pathways. We don't want to have to fight the grass every week and covering it up will help slow its growth.
See you at the garden!

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