Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lets Get Those Gardens Growing!

Are you wondering about how to help your vegetables and flowers grow in the community garden? It is really crucial in the early stages of growth for your new plants and seeds to get enough water. Once established they will no longer need daily watering. I like to water every other day once the plants are established. With the often windy conditions at our garden, the soil can dry out quickly. The minuscule amount of rain we have had has not helped a bit.
Last week I brought my jug of fish fertilizer over to use on the food bank garden. I use this extensively on my vegetable plants at home.

Today I have a five gallon pail of moo poo tea brewing by the food bank garden. My friend, Annie Haven, makes Authentic Haven Brand teas for the garden. All I had to do was place one of the large tea bags in a five gallon pail of water. I will leave it for a couple of days and then water it in to the garden. It has a lid on it to keep flies away.

The manure tea will condition the soil and allow the plants to absorb nutrients. I cant wait to try it out.I am going to try spraying some of the manure tea on the beans as a foliar spray and water in the rest.
I love to garden organically. There are so many great ways to feed your garden.By gardening organically,we will see the return of beneficial insects and birds whose job is to take care of our pests and just have a healthier garden overall.
If anyone has questions about what to use in the garden, please ask. Just remember Delta does have a pesticide bylaw which can be found on the Corporation of Delta website. 

Happy Gardening,
Kristin (who promises to never serve you this kind of tea)

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