Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Ladner Community Garden- How Productive Will We Be?

Our community garden is really growing! Everyone has seeds sprouting and it looks like the combination of compost and manure is working well. Today I thought I would share with you what your gardens are going to look like. These photos were taken yesterday at the grade one children's garden at Kirkland House in Ladner. The grade one students come every two weeks to do a class in the garden.

This is the radish I harvested yesterday. Its is pretty big and there are lots of them.

These are broad beans. The children planted seeds in early March and the plants are just coming in to bloom. They are a bit behind due to our cool spring weather.

In the above photo, from left to right, are radishes, spinach and green onions. All the fixings for salad which the children will make on their picnic day in two weeks.Yes, the children not only harvest, but wash the salad greens and spin them in a spinner. They love the spinning!

This is the same salad bed where you can see carrots, red romaine lettuce and beets coming up.

Just look at these potatoes. They will be ready to harvest in two weeks. This is the benefit of using raised beds. Not only do they warm up earlier in the spring but they also produce great yields. I know we all got our beds planted later than we liked but you will get an earlier start next year. The decision to use a mix of manure and soil was based on this garden and its success. There is nothing else needed to add to make your plants grow.Its already there. Anything extra is a waste of money.
On July 1, the children's garden at Kirkland House will be open to view but I am happy to take anyone on a tour of our garden at any time.

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