Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Our Community Garden Rocks!

The chips are here and this weekend we will start covering our pathways in between our beds. On Saturday, June 11, we have a work party scheduled. We want to lay some cardboard down in the pathways before the chips go down. This way, we hope to minimize the weeding we all have to do over the summer. I know we have shoveled a lot over the last two weeks but at least this stuff is light work.It will certainly give the first phase of the garden a finished look.

We also have a group of volunteers who have offered to come and build our children's garden this Saturday. I met with Jason,the youth pastor at Ladner Baptist one day and he said the churches were all coming together to do a project and was there something we had in mind? I immediately thought of the children's garden. I am excited about getting the children's garden in so I can plant some pumpkins. I mean, wouldn't all the kids love to have a pumpkin growing contest? I know I am pretty excited!

I don't know about you but when I look at peoples plots at the community garden, they are all doing so well. Who would have thought two weeks ago, we all would have come so far? The combination of soil , sun and water is all the plants needed. Well, a bit of love as well.Its pretty windy some days at the garden as we don't have any trees to act as a windbreak. I also noticed that the soil dries out quickly so its important to water regularly.

As you can see by the white marks on this plant, it is not very happy. Not to worry, its just been a bit of a cool wind at the garden this week. Many people buy plants from a greenhouse where they have been toasty warm and take them home to plant. Its kind of like coming home from a tropical trip. All of a sudden you are feeling the cold. This is why some plants look like this but if you look closely they are all producing new leaves. When I bring plants out of my greenhouse, they have to be acclimatized for a few days. That means just bringing them out for a couple of hours of sun and then going back inside for the night. I do this for several days before leaving plants outside all night long.

Well that's it for today. Thanks to all of you who have supported our fundraiser next weekend. I know it will be a lot of fun. We have a whopping 51 people attending!

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