Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Our Food Bank Garden is Finally In!

Our food bank garden is finally planted! Thanks to a few of our volunteers this garden will produce a crop this year. On May 14, we had a few helpers plant seeds of many different types of vegetables. The trays of seeds spent two weeks in my greenhouse on a heating mat and thrived in the warmth. In the garden we planted squash, beans turnips and carrots.

There is also lettuce, spinach, beets and potatoes planted on this side of the garden.. Last night brought us some rain which is just what this garden needed. There is about four feet of garden still to be planted. We will plant a succession of beans, beets and carrots. As plants finish its important to plan for winter crops. Did you know you can sow broad beans in October? Carrots can be sown again in August.
Check out West Coast Seeds Winter Gardening Guide and Planting Chart for more great garden options.

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