Monday, July 30, 2012

Our First Food Bank Harvest

It was a perfect morning for our first food bank harvest. Thanks to our volunteers, the harvesting only took a couple of hours. 

 It was time to harvest the potatoes. The grade three class had planted a mix of Russian Banana Fingerlings, Sieglinde, Russian Blue and Red Chieftain potatoes. The plants had done very well this year and we were amazed at the yields.

Once the potatoes were done it was over to the carrot patch. I had planted a few different kinds of carrots.  They all did pretty good and had lots of healthy greens and great looking carrots.

This is one funky potato. Not sure what causes this as most of the others were round with no bumps. Now if only there was a weird and wacky vegetable contest. It could be a winner.

The carrots were grouped into bunches of ten. Yes, that's a lot of carrots, about 280 altogether.

Next they were washed and banded to keep them together.

 The potatoes were given a light wash and left to dry. What an array of colour they made on the table.

One of the local grocers donated bags so we place three pounds in each bag to make the delivery easier.

We also harvested onions. So funny as I couldn't get multiplier onions in the spring so I grabbed what I think was Dutch onion sets and this is what we got. I have never grown them before but I will certainly grow them again.

We gave the onions a bit of a brushing to get some of the soil off and they were set to go.

All the vegetables were loaded into Lynn's truck and are ready to be dropped off at the South Delta Food Bank. We donated two flats of onions, sixty pounds of potatoes and twenty eight bunches of carrots.
Thanks to the wonderful helpers I had today, Lynn, Joan and Janice were such a big help.

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  1. Congratulations everyone at Ladner Community Garden. Very heart warming to see your efforts producing such results.
    Regards Janine