Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July in the Ladner Community Garden

Here it is July and our community garden is thriving. The gardens are all growing well with the combination of sun and rain, well,  a little too much rain but then who doesn't need a day off from watering?

Last month the volunteers completed the building of two pergolas in the center of the garden. We can't wait to get some gardens around the outside so we can grow plants over the top of the arbor. There is a purpose for all the reclaimed cement sitting at the front of the garden. We like to repurpose old driveways and make them into rock gardens. We even received some larger cement pieces to be used for a floor under the pergolas. Imagine creeping Thyme planted in between the slabs, what a vision!

The pergolas are looking pretty bare so we are anxious to pretty them up. So what's happening in July?

Check out this photo of an herb spiral that a couple of master gardeners built at Kirkland House. Our plans are to build one of these where we have the wet area on the east side of the garden. This is a form of permaculture in that an herb spiral uses less space than conventional planting and you can amend the soil to suit each plant. I know we can make one a lot larger with all the rocks we have had donated. Let one of the board members know if you are interested in participating in this project. By helping out you may want to create one in your own garden at home. I think that once planted with herbs we can use it communally as we only need to use a few leaves at a time usually. It will also help the allotment holders to free up space in their gardens.

Things to watch for in the garden. If you click on the above photo of my garlic you will see garlic rust has hit the garden. Look for tiny orange spots on the leaves of your garlic. I have written about what to do about garlic rust on my blog here.

I checked my garlic last night and it is fine. Check out how big this garlic bulb is! I will harvest the rest once the foliage dies back.

I can't say enough about how beautiful the West Coast Seeds trial gardens are. The colours are magnificent and Mark has placed signage on each bed so we know what seeds to buy if we would like to use this type of planting in our gardens. Thank you Mark!

Its time to harvest your crops before they bolt. With warmer weather coming your lettuce, spinach, radishes and other cool season crops may start to go to seed. I saw this broccoli starting to flower yesterday. Be sure to pick the top head so that your side shoots will start producing heads. There is nothing worse than wasted food. If you have too much harvest consider donating it to the local food bank. They will take donations of fresh vegetables anytime between 9-4 on Mondays and Tuesdays. The can be dropped of at the Ladner Christian Fellowship Church.

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