Thursday, July 12, 2012

New Composting Area is Built!

Our community garden is getting a new look. The messiness of the existing composting site was driving me crazy. Not only was it unlevel, often the composters were full to the brim. There is nothing worse than overflowing composters to attract visitors that we don't want to see. We also couldn't maintain the grass around the composters easily enough. That has all changed.

 Last month, Jim built a base for the east composters. This base was necessary to ensure that the composters would not be sitting in water this winter. Yes, the drainage is horrid here so he added some fill and built it up.

 Now Jim is working on the west side to do the same thing. All we need now is some more fill.

He has moved all the existing composters and added three new wooden ones. These new composters have all been built from repurposed fencing. Thanks to those who donated fence boards for our project.

 Jim also moved and turned all the compost that was inside the composters on the west side and filled up just a few of them. Notice how wonderful our green waste is looking. Not long before we have some gardeners gold. If the composters are screwed shut it is because they are in "work" mode. The composter is full and we want the microorganisms to be left to do their job.

Please note that you can use the wooden composters that are open but please leave the plastic ones empty for now. We will be moving some of them back to the west side when the base is completed.

 A few things to remember when composting: Do not put plastic tags in the compost! They will not decompose.

Do not put anything in the compost that will not break down. This is an example of what was found in the compost. Last night we found a large rag. If you have garbage please take it home. Our community garden is a pack it in, pack it out garden. The garbage can is to be used only for special events such a community meal.

Also remember not to compost diseased plant material. If you have garlic rust on your garlic leaves like mine above, place the leaves in a bag to be trashed at home. We don't need rust spores in our compost bins as it will ruin our compost.
I will be working on an information board to show you what can be composted and hope to have the board up soon. So far we have great compost and we look forward to much more so we can add it to our gardens.

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