Saturday, November 5, 2011

Winter is Fast Approaching at the Community Garden

The Ladner Community Garden is busy cleaning up in preparation for winter. You will see that the new rock wall beds are almost complete. They are looking fabulous and will be even better next year once the plants have filled in. There is no shortage of plants when it comes to gardeners. People have dropped off plants for us to use and we thank you. Now we are racing mother nature to get things done.

Next week we have the grade three class coming to prepare a lasagna garden. Not heard of a lasagna garden? Its the lazy mans way to create a new bed. We want to install and design a fruit and herb garden for next spring but taking up all that heavy sod has my back groaning. We will be not taking grass up.
The students will be laying wet newspaper down where the new garden is planned to be. Once the ground is covered with newspaper, we will have a leaf throwing party. Those leaves in your yard are great for the garden. We will be dumping leaves on the wet newspaper so that the pile is at least six inches thick. The next part will be adding soil on top. You could use old soil from containers, peat moss or bought soil from the garden centre. Because we are doing a pretty big area, we will be ordering soil for this garden. We will spread it over the leaves and let the garden sit over the winter. When spring arrives we will be able to plant.

The students will be having some fun next week as well. They will make a couple of scarecrows to stand guard over the winter. Its always lots of fun being creative.

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