Monday, November 7, 2011

Our New Compost Bin Has Arrived!

We have a new composter at the community garden. This one was made with wood that was donated to the garden. This is my favourite style of compost box as you can access the finished compost easily by slipping out the boards on the front of the box.

So when you want to place your compostable material in the box, do NOT open it like this! This will put pressure on the hinges and possibly break the lid.

Look closely at the right side of the box and you will see a string. It is attached to a thin piece of wood.This piece of wood is used to hold the lid open on the box.

Lifting the piece of wood out of its resting place on the side, you will see it has a notched end.Fit the notches to the front of the box to hold it open.

It should look like this when the opener is in place. Now it is safely held open so you can do your composting.

You will also notice that we lined the box with hardware cloth. This is used on the inside of the compost box to keep any unwanted critters from deciding our compost box is a nice cozy warm place to visit.

Now its time to clean up your vegetable plots and compost what you can. Try to cut the long pieces of green material in to smaller bits so our composter works faster. Use your pruners for this as it makes the job much easier.

We are still hoping to place another eight composters in the garden but with winter fast approaching we are short on good building weather. I look forward to having rich dark compost to use in the spring, don't you? Its better than any soil you can buy.

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