Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Garlic Planting Time at the Garden

Here I am procrastinating and not getting the garlic in until today. I bought it two weeks ago so no excuses, right? I was excited to get some hardneck garlic as it was sold out everywhere except at one of the local farms. Each clove of garlic was broken apart into individual cloves. I was able to plant 27 cloves of garlic in the children's garden. Won't they be excited to see it in the spring? It will be a good plant to use when we study the senses.

I planted the cloves three inches deep and about six inches apart allowing them enough room to grow. Sure glad I planted yesterday as the forecast is for rain for the next week.

The planting is all done and its time to put them to bed. I added a few markers to mark the rows and I was done.

The last job of the day was to harvest a few carrots from the bed. The beets we planted from Tree and Twig Farm are still not all ready to harvest. I may just harvest the beet leaves to try a new beet bun recipe I saw on Linda's blog.
Its time to clean up the gardens, harvest what's left and compost the green waste. We are so lucky to live here with our mild winters. Before we know it Seedy Saturday will happen on January 28 and we will be all energized for a new growing season. Wow, thats only a couple of months away!

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