Sunday, April 3, 2011

Our Wish List for Our New Community Garden

Oh my is all I can say. You don't realize how much you need to get a community garden off the ground until you start making a list.
Of course, the main things that come to mind are the lumber and soil to get the raised beds started. I have been pricing out lumber,looking for soil, aged manure and compost.I am not sure what the biggest expense is so far, the lumber or the liability insurance.
Once we have those, we can get started. I would love to see people planting next month. Wouldn't that be great?

We are also looking for tools, things like shovels, wheelbarrows, forks, and rakes. If you are getting rid of any of these this week, let us know, we will gladly come and take them off your hands. We are planning a compost demonstration area in the garden. Hopefully we can have several different kinds of composters on site. This garden will be a no trash garden, pack it in, pack it out is our theme. Everything else must be composted.

When we have all our supplies of lumber, soil, manure, gravel and bark mulch ordered, we will be having a Ground Breaking Day. So look for posters about town as we would love to have this as a community event. I mean many hands make light work, right?
There is one thing I love about living in Delta. When something is being done, we all pull together as a community and show support.
Time to work on the wish list before we go to council tomorrow night. The press has called and we want to be prepared.

Happy gardening,

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