Monday, April 25, 2011

Ladner Community Garden Update

Its almost May and I hope everyone is gearing up for the opening of the Ladner Community Garden. For those of you who have allotments, its time to start planning what you want to grow. To start, grow vegetables that your family will eat. Its always an easy way to start. I am excited we have lots of new gardeners coming on board. We will be there to give you advice along the way if needed. We even have a list of planting times for vegetables on the lower mainland for those who need one.
So when will we open? We are hoping to open before the end of May. Right now the city has done a final inspection of the land and its an all clear as far as underground locates go. The next step is clearing and leveling the land, a job I will leave to the farmers to do for us since its what they do best. That should happen over the next couple of weeks before they get busy planting their own fields. After that is done, the city will be installing water for us, hooray!
We are busy getting supplies ordered. On ground breaking day, we will be building raised beds, filling them with soil and laying down bark mulch.
Lets do this as a community event and make it fun. If you are reading this today and want to volunteer to help us get this great community project off the ground, just give me a call. We need lots of volunteers for the food bank garden. Won't it be wonderful to grow food for the food bank and help out those less fortunate than ourselves?
I am happy to say our allotments are almost full, maybe two left. It will so much fun to get started.

Ladner Community Garden Society


  1. Hi Kristin,

    I sent an email a few weeks ago regarding volunteering. Should I call in or will I be fine with the email?

  2. Jerold, I will be contacting you soon. We are just waiting on city staff right now. Thanks for being so patient. We hope to break ground on May 21!