Monday, April 4, 2011

Its a Go for the Community Garden!

It's Monday and also council meeting night. That means we will have a decision on the new community garden for Ladner. This garden will be built on Kensington park in east Ladner just north of Hollypark drive. What a great way to use the land, don't you think? Right now it just looks like pasture. There will still be lots of land left for dog walkers as we are only asking for half an acre of the three acre parcel.
We look forward to being part of this neighborhood and hope to have everyone enjoy the garden once it is completed.

Today is photo day at the park. The Delta Optimist will be running a story on the new community garden so look for it in the local paper this week.
Let me introduce you to the Ladner Community Garden Society. Well there is me but then I think everyone knows me already.

I am known as the Delta Gardener around town. Next is Michelle Wilson, another familiar face, as she has lived her whole life in delta. Now that's something! Michelle is the Public Relations chair for the Evergreen Garden Club.

My next board member is Don Bruchet, retail manager of the greatest garden store in town, West Coast Seeds. Don is wearing black in the photo above and I am sure all the gardeners in Ladner will recognize him. He is passionate about growing food and knows absolutely everything about vegetables.

Lynn Dick is our fourth board member. Lynn is active in the Evergreen Garden Club and has started a community garden before. She and her husband, Ian, are going to be a big help in the building of this garden. Lynn runs her own landscape business call Your Garden Valet. My fifth board member is Sharon Hagel, a past president of the Evergreen Garden Club, floral judge and she now runs Bryan's Bookstore in Ladner.
With all our skills , we are determined to bring this town the best community garden. Who knows, this may just be a pilot project. If I had my way we would be building small pocket gardens along our proposed waterfront in Ladner, why not?
Community gardens are about bringing a community together. They create conversation, we learn from one another, we talk to our neighbors.
Growing food from field to fork means we are giving our community healthy nutritious food. Let's have our children experience what it's like to grow from seed to harvest and take it to the table.
Okay, I was a bit busy and didn't get this published until Wednesday.If you have read the local Delta Optimist , you will see we have the approval for the garden. Time to get things underway and do some fundraising.

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