Saturday, January 25, 2014

Please Welcome Our Speakers for Ladner Seedy Saturday & Garden Expo 2014

Ladner Seedy Saturday and Garden Expo 2014 presents a wonderful lineup of speakers this year. Have you marked your calendars yet? Ladner Seedy Saturday is just a few weeks away and look at our west coast weather. I bet you are itching to get out in the garden. I know I am. Seedy Saturdays are a great way to kick start the garden season. You can come and browse the displays of seeds and garden supplies and listen to some great presentations. Today let's look at who is speaking at Ladner Seedy Saturday. 

This is our poster which you will see all over the lower mainland. Spread the word as this is going to be our best event yet. Its our third year and each year it's so much fun. 

Starting off our day is Brian Minter. He hardly needs any introduction as he is the go to plant guru of them all. Brian is so in touch with all that's upcoming in the garden world well before we know whats happening. He has the inside look on new garden trends. Brian Minter will be speaking about 'Food Gardens'. Here's a short introduction about Brian Minter for the new gardeners. Brian had the vision to create a world class destination garden called Minter Gardens which was unique in its design and beauty. There will never be a garden quite like it again. Minter Country Gardens is where Brian sells his wonderful plants and runs his greenhouse operation. Brian has been on television, radio, is an author, and a columnist for several BC, national and international garden magazines. Brian Minter will be starting his talk at 10:15am so arrive early as seating is limited.

At noon we are pleased to present Julia Common. I first heard Julia speak at the BC Council of Garden Clubs. This was probably one of the most inspirational talks I have heard in years. The work that she does and will talk about is beyond amazing. Julia Common is a master beekeeper and has been keeping bees since university days . What started as a summer job became a life long passion which only in the past two years has been fully realized.  Hives for Humanity is a society which she founded in response to the reception her bees received when she brought them into the Downtown East Side of Vancouver .  Now with over 70 hives and  40 sites Julia , as chief beekeeper for Hives for Humanity, has a  story to share.

Our afternoon speaker at 1:30pm is Ian Tait. Ian is passionate about attracting bees to our gardens. I don't have to tell you how important bees are to our food supply. Without bees, pollination would not occur and we would suffer food shortages. Let Ian show you what plants you need in the garden to keep the bees coming. Ian Tait is a North Delta resident and co-chair of the Feed The Bees Campaign. Feed The Bees encourages individuals, businesses, organizations and governments to support a healthy and sustainable bee population and plant the right kinds of plants so there's pollen and nectar from March to October. Come and hear why it's so important and how easy it is for you to make a difference!

Ladner Seedy Saturday and Garden Expo will be held at the Ladner Baptist Church on February 15, 2014 from 10-3. See you there!

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