Monday, September 10, 2012

Dear Garden Thief

Dear Garden Thief,

I am so done with you! I am angry and if you ask others I don't get angry easy. Today I was working in the children's garden getting ready for a class on Wednesday when I couldn't believe my eyes!

I wrote this morning about how I had carrots in the children's garden as they are learning about the 100 mile diet this fall. Well, not any more! The least you could have done is taken them home instead of leaving them to shrivel up in the sun. These carrots would have been tasty but I guess they weren't up to your standards. They would have been used in our fall pumpkin soup but now I will have to buy carrots thanks to you. How could you steal from the children?
So far the theft has been a few items every couple of days. We know what you drive and you have been seen in the garden on occasion. Does the word 'community' mean you can help yourself? Absolutely not! We are a community garden and if you are in need all you have to do is ask. Taking without asking shows a lack of respect. Any taking or snacking of food from community plots is considered theft.
A community garden is where individuals and families rent a plot for the season to grow for their family. Some of our families are low income and need the food that they grow. When you dug their potatoes last week, they weren't impressed. For the new gardeners at the community garden, they are disheartened and ready to give up. Please don't spoil their garden experience.

Kristin Crouch
Ladner Community Garden Society


  1. I'm so sad to hear this criminal activity is continuing.

    Maybe legitimate garden members could be issued a "Member" or "Volunteer" necklace/badge that was in a bright green colour. If the badges were required to be worn in the garden, visitors and un-wanted visitors would stand out. Would be in-expensive to produce.

    Just an idea from a fellow community gardener who was victimized as well. I hate looking at my fellow gardeners with a sideways glance, but with continued thievery, it's hard not to be suspicious of everyone. Talk about killing the community aspect of gardening!

  2. Hi Kristin, Sorry to hear someone has stolen produce. Seems like it is quite organized if they have hit other community gardens as well.
    Just back from 5 weeks in the wilderness on our boat. Lots of seaweed on the beach. Will be dropping off bags full soon so that gardeners will be able to top dress beds. It does seem to have sand and some wood chip in it. What do you think?

  3. Unfortunately you will need to have a fence installed. I have volunteered at community gardens across the country and this is a common occurrence. Once the fence is installed, I would suggest planting vegetables on the outside around the perimeter to deter people jumping the fence. We have done that for gardens in Detroit, MI and Charlotte, NC with much success.