Monday, June 25, 2012

Our First Community Dinner

This weekend we had out first community meal at the Ladner Community Garden. All our allotment holders and volunteers were invited. Being part of a community garden is like having another community. We meet regularly when working in our gardens to share our successes and talk about what we are planting next. 

 Everyone brought a dish to share for our dinner last night. We challenged people to use something from their garden in their dish if they could.

We shared lots of laughs after a long day in the garden. The food was excellent.

 We had corn on the cob, a treat so early in the season.

Someone brought us nugget potatoes fresh from the garden. Tossed with some fresh basil, asiago cheese and dressing, they were tasty.

We also had spinach salad with fresh strawberries.

I think my favourite was Gail's garlic scape dip. She chopped up garlic scapes very fine and added them to some sour cream. As you can see it was pretty popular. 

The community garden is just flourishing this year. We have been harvesting lots of salad greens this week.

Being part of a community garden brings together new and experienced gardeners.  You can ask questions and get ideas and help for your garden.

Thanks to all the volunteers who made our weekend such a success! We couldn't have done it without you.

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