Friday, June 1, 2012

June Blooms at the Winskill Gardens

 I was up at our sister garden in Tsawwassen to see how things were growing. As you know we started overseeing the Winskill Community Garden a few months ago. Just look at these amazing gardeners and what they have blooming.

The Lupines are stunning! I think its because I am passionate about blue flowers. The bees were totally enthralled with this plant which means they are doing their pollinating work for the veggie gardeners at the garden.

There was also Bachelors Button or Centaurea in the garden. This one will reseed from year to year and bring you blooms every year.

 Calendula provided the contrasting colour with the blue flowers.

The next garden was full of pink Lupines and Poppies. I look forward to seeing the next flush of flowers.

 This bed is a mix of flowers and vegetables which is a great idea. Chives and kale are both in flower and make an excellent addition to salads. Yes, you can eat the flowers!

 The South Delta Boys and Girls Club has recently planted their bed with vegetables. We had a group of about 15 children come to plant.

Their beans have already germinated along with lettuce, carrots and radishes. Have you visited this garden? It is located between the lawn bowling club and the soccer field at Winskill Park.

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