Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring Clean Up at the Ladner Community Garden

Spring has arrived at the Ladner Community Garden. Today we had our first of a two day spring cleanup. We had to dig out weedy grass from around the raised beds and get our allotment beds cleaned up. One of our gardeners was excited to see that his chard had returned. Now that's a fun surprise in the garden!

Food Bank Garden
 We raked over the food bank garden on one side and split in to two separate beds. We hope to make one of them a healing garden and use the other for cubs to earn a gardening badge. If you live in Ladner and are interested in your cub group doing a badge or two , let me know by leaving a comment below.

Food Bank Garden
The east side of the food bank garden is just about ready to plant. A bit more fall rye to take care of first. Thanks to Bonnie for donating  and planting Swiss chard in the food bank garden today. Thanks to Don who came by and cut the lawn.

Our allotment gardeners were kept busy cleaning their beds in preparation for spring planting. We also had free seeds to choose from.

The children filled pots of soil and we planted sage for our upcoming plant sale. We knew that empty bed in the corner would become a useful place for soil.

Jim built us a storage area out of pallets donated to us by Save On Foods. Here we can store all the leftover driveway rocks for future use. All I could think of was planting those pallets as hubby shook his head thinking I was crazy.

Just a reminder to all of our garden family, the community garden has a policy of trash in, trash out. I was dismayed to have to bring someone else's trash home to my house for pickup. We can't compost plastic. The blue garbage bins will be removed this year. They were to hold weedy material, not garbage.

Hubby and I stayed behind to bag all the mouldy straw that had been dropped off some time last year. As you can see we have 11 bags to go to someones curbside for pickup. No more room in the composters for now. I scored today by finding a discarded Lavender in the compost. I proudly planted it in the rock garden. 

The wooden crate has been moved to the back of our shed to make room for new composters. Yea!!! For now we can use the crate to store pots so they don't blow away in the wind.
West Coast Seeds has planted wildflowers in their beds across the center of the garden. Imagine how colourful that will be this summer!

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