Thursday, March 15, 2012

It was a Blustery Day in the Garden

Okay, saying it was a blustery day last Monday is a bit of an understatement. The winds ripped across the lower mainland of British Columbia so hard that all ferry traffic ceased leaving travelers stranded for hours. Power went out all over leaving people in the dark. I sat in my home and watched nervously as my trees swayed in the gusts wondering if one of them was going to topple. Luckily all my trees are fine.
The next day I traveled to check out the Ladner Community Garden as a wind storm usually means we have to do a bit of cleanup.
I picked up the odd compost lid that had blow away but thought we got off easy until I realized my brand new composter was missing. Now how does a compost box with compost in it disappear? The lid was on the ground so even though I had thought someone had taken it, I realized that they would have taken the whole thing. Hmmm..... where could it be as I scanned the 5.7 acres of grass and bush for a black composter?

I took a walk to the very back of the park only to meet a new friend of the garden. He eyed me up but stood his ground as I continued my search.

Bingo! I found my composter! Laying in an irrigation ditch filled with water. Great, now I had to get in there and drag it out. What I don't do for our community garden.

I pulled the composter out of the ditch and looked to see where I had to take it. Oh my, you can't even see the community garden from here. Ten minutes later I had dragged it back to its home in the children's garden. I placed a full bag of leaves inside to keep it in it place. The compost that was in it before was strewn all over the grass. So much for that composting lesson.
 Lessons learned, it might be a good idea to anchor the composter down. And next time, wear garden clothes to the garden when you dive in to ditches.

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  1. Good Morning, Imagine the wind that must have turned that composter over and away to the ditch. Great there is a heron nearby - they are very territorial so it will probably be on guard for some time.
    All the best.