Thursday, February 16, 2012

Look Whats Happening at the Ladner Community Garden

Look whats blooming at the Ladner Community Garden. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw these tiny blooms poking their heads out of the grass. The community garden wasn't built until May of 2011 so we didn't know they were here. 

Its not a big patch of Crocuses but they just happen to be right in our path down the center of the garden. I guess we won't be putting any gravel down this pathway.

I took a quick walk past the allotment gardens. Check out the peas or beans growing in this garden. The shoots are just above ground but its a sure sign of spring in the community garden. These seeds were planted last fall by one of the allotment members.

Here is a closeup of the new seedlings. The raised bed is full of them.

Yesterday was a work day for a few of us at the garden. With new allotment holders coming this year, we had the chore of cleaning out plants that had been left behind by last years members. This is what you get when you plant a whole package of Sage seeds in one row. Shall I say newbie gardener? I thought I was moving good six inch sized plants until I picked them up and teased the roots. Oh my! There were ten plants in a clump all together! The community garden is now the proud owner of thirty four Sage plants. Now that's a lot of Sage. We will be having a small plant sale in May. Guess whats for sale?

The Kale has done fabulous this winter. I added the center plant yesterday. Another orphan from someones allotment. As I moved the plant I spotted a ladybug setting up home. She is more than welcome in the garden.

The fall rye is growing well in the food bank garden. Its almost time to till it in. It will improve the structure of the soil.
If you are interested in a community garden plot, watch for our story in the South Delta Leader tomorrow for our contact information. We have six beds available this spring.

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