Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Its Looking Like Spring at the Ladner Community Garden

What is it about gardeners that we are always looking for the telltale signs of spring? We are on the alert for those cherished sign of rebirth in the garden. I couldn't help myself when I walked the community garden yesterday. I had to look.

I was pretty excited to see the tulips that the grade three class planted are up. We had covered them with some straw for protection. Its time to pull it off the beds.

You have to love Desiree's broad beans. She planted her seeds in the fall and these plants definitely have a head start.

Check out the garlic coming through the straw. This garlic was planted last fall by an allotment holder.

You have to look really close on this grass. Its just beginning to show new green shoots at the base. I will be cutting this plant's old growth back next week.

The Sedum Autumn Joy is also growing like crazy. So we have lots to do in the next few weeks. Cleaning up the plants in the rock wall garden will give it a nice fresh clean look.
You have to love early spring! I know, its still winter, but not for long!

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