Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ladner Seedy Saturday Presents Bill Bischoff

Ladner Seedy Saturday is pleased to have Bill Bischoff speaking about Hardy Cyclamens this weekend. Please join us in welcoming him. Bill wrote the following about his presentation. He will be speaking at 12:15 pm at Ladner Baptist Church in the Fireside Room, 5624 Ladner Trunk Road in Ladner. 

"With this presentation we aim to entice more gardeners to the pleasures of growing “Hardy Cyclamen”, in their gardens.  Our talk is based on some 22 years of “hands-on” experiences in our garden in Surrey, BC. The genus of Cyclamen contains some 22 species, including many sub-species, varieties, and cultivars. The individual species bloom at a specific time of the year. By careful selection, one can have Cyclamen flowers at every month of the year. Most growers however, cultivate these Garden-Jewels for their almost endless varieties of leaf-forms and patterns. The species of Cyclamen hederifolium, as an example, has so many different and enticing leaf forms and patterns, that I must say that I have never seen two plants exactly the same. Most of these species keep their leaves during the winter, thus decorating our gardens during the otherwise rather bleak winter moths.  During the hot summer months however, with the exception of one ( C. purpurascens ), all Cyclamen are dormant. Cyclamen purpurascens, is evergreen throughout the year and has also the longest flowering period. Also very important is that Cyclamen are hardly ever damaged by wild-life. We will explain their natural and geographical distribution, the sources of their names and their use throughout time. Included in the presentation will be cultural requirements, soils and planting instructions.  Most Cyclamen like shady areas, where some species grow best in full shade. We grow many species and varieties under trees and bushes, especially under Rhododendrons. Members of garden clubs are invited to visit our garden to see first hand the success we had with these plants. Some plants are available for sale throughout the year."
                                                                          By Bill Bischoff

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