Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ladner Community Garden-Harvest Here We Come!

Here it is almost the end of August and the community garden is looking great. Yesterday one of our volunteers picked four bags of beans, some lettuce and peas and donated it to the local food bank. The food bank staff were excited to receive fresh vegetables.

Not only are people growing vegetables at the community garden, there are also flowers. These Sweet Peas are beautiful! For those of you who live around here, our cool wet spring has not been the easiest for these flowers. I had just one Sweet Pea plant germinate. The soil was just too cold back in April.

If you drive by the Ladner Community Garden, you can't help but spot the masses of sunflowers growing. Aren't they just the most cheerful plant to grow? They also bring pollinating insects to the garden.

In the photo above is a late planting of beets. I was sent some Detroit beet seeds from another gardener in Ontario. We are participating in a country wide planting of beets. We all planted around July 15 and will harvest the beets on September 18. The idea is to compare our crops and how they grew compared to Saskatchewan and Ontario.

I have to say again how amazing Mark's gardens are doing. The gardens are overflowing and the harvesting has begun.

Can you tell I love Sweet Peas? I just have gardeners envy. These Sweet Peas are nice pastel shades, my fav. I think this plant loves the raised beds which offer better drainage than our heavy clay soils.

Hmmm, looks like the beans are up but not producing yet. They were planted late. They are koala French fillet beans from Italia seeds. I grew them last year and wished I had grown more of them. They grow to only eight to ten inches high but are very productive.

Thanks must go to the volunteers that are working so hard in the community garden. If you haven't seen the garden yet, it's located in the 6500 block of Hollypark drive in east Ladner right in Kensington Park. If you want more info about the garden and what we are all about, just leave a message below.
Happy gardening,

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