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August in the Ladner Community Garden

I haven't posted in awhile but received these photos courtesy of one of our directors at the garden, Lynn Dick. Wow, how well every one's gardens are doing now that we actually have some warm weather!

This garden bed above belongs to West Coast Seeds. Isn't it amazing? I was told today that they harvested over thirty pounds of squash already.

I love the Sunflowers that are planted throughout the garden. They are attracting the bees to the garden and that helps pollinate our crops.

The benefits of a raised bed are many and as you can see here they are easy to maintain.Hmmm... love those colorful buckets for weeds.

This gardener has a tiny wall around her bed to protect it from prevailing winds. The community garden is very open to south westerly winds which can mean cooler temperatures that our warmth loving vegetables do not like.

Don't the gardens all look great? Our little community garden has the best new gardeners around.

Look how wonderfully everything is growing even though we had a late start.

I spot a blossom on the squash. That means fruit is not far behind.

No critters will get in to this garden. The bunnies didn't appear this year although we know they are around. Perhaps we are a noisy bunch of gardeners. The only critter we have still yet to deal with are the off leash dogs. Unfortunately some people don't understand the health risk of having dogs in the garden.I see a fence going up next year.

Just looking at these photos makes me hungry. I wish I could be at the garden everyday.I so miss seeing all the allotment holders and enjoying a gardening conversation.

Thanks to the board of directors for all their help during my absence. Thanks also goes to Lynn who continually sends me photos and keeps me updated.Once my broken bones have mended I will be there right away. Until then I garden through you all so let me know about your first zucchini or your first squash.

Happy Gardening,


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