Sunday, January 11, 2015

Ladner Seedy Saturday and Garden Expo is Almost Here!

Its January and the team behind Ladner Seedy Saturday and Garden Expo 2015 is busy organizing everything from volunteers to seed swaps. It's time to gather your old seeds that you don't want and package them up for the seed swap. If you bring in a sealed and labelled package of seeds you will be able to exchange it for something different. Perhaps you didn't like the beans you grew last year. Try something different this year.

I like to use paper coin envelopes as they are recyclable. Be sure to label your package of seeds with the name of your plant, number of seeds, year saved and if they are open pollinated or hybrid. Most seed packages you buy let you know if the seeds are hybrids. Somewhere it should say F1 or hybrid on the package. If not, a little internet sleuthing will have the answer. Open pollinated seeds will have the symbol OP on the package. Whats the difference? Open pollinated seeds can be collected and most of them will grow true from collected seed. Hybrid seeds have two parents so the next generation will be different. If you expect the same plant as last year, don't save hybrid seeds. If you want to experiment a bit like I do, maybe plant a few hybrid seeds to see what you get?
Did you see our new poster above? Our schedule of speakers is up and we are looking forward to hearing all of them. Please note the new venue and the event is being held on two days this year. With so many people working Saturdays it gives them a chance to come to the event.
There is lots of free parking, yes free. Parking is free in all of Delta. The Harris barn is also close to transit and wheelchair accessible.
 There are still a few vendor tables open if you would like to come. We are looking for anyone with garden products. Just email me at
We hope to see you on February 21 and 22. Be sure to say hello.

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