Friday, October 24, 2014

Its Clean Up Time at the Garden

To our allotment holders and gardeners; this week we experienced some extreme weather and our community garden was hit pretty hard. It is your responsibility to make sure that all stakes and supports are firmly screwed down to your bed. If you are unable to do this, please remove the stakes and take them home for the winter. 

I went to the community garden the day after the big wind storm and the following photos are what I had to clean up. Each week I am required to do a safety walk as this garden is on public property. Above are empty pots that I rescued from afar. Please take them home.

If you own this cute little guy, he needs a warm place for the winter. He had blown out of the garden. Don't feel bad, my scarecrow is now bald having lost his hat and hair to the wind.

 All trellises must be stored at home unless its been used. In that case they must be firmly attached to resist 80km winds. Treat your community garden like you do your own. Check on it after a storm has passed.

There are also many plants damaged so you should check them out. I know that if it snows these kale plants will be the first to be knocked right to the ground. perhaps it would be good to harvest the kale and freeze it.

Sunflowers if not removed should have their leaves and flower heads removed. We cannot have the plants crossing pathways and creating a tripping hazard.

 Stakes, need I say more? This is an eye poker waiting to happen.

More reasons to remove them for the winter as your stakes and trellises could be damaged and not be usable next season.

 For those allotment holders that have their own composters, please rescue the lids that belong to you. Buy some bungee cord from the dollar store to tie your lids down. I am too old to chase after them in the back field.

This was the most work to date. We need to store the pvc pipes away for the winter so they need to go home. They are too large for the shed.

If you have empty plant pots and trays they will need to be stored at home. I know its dark and wet out and many of us cannot get to the garden during the week. Take this weekend to get your garden tidied up before the next storm. Also, don't forget to make sure that your plants are not going to seed and affecting other gardeners. Please be sure to have a clear path at all times. Weeds come out easily in damp ground. So once again, anything that is not nailed down should be stored away at home. Garden cleanup is due by November 30 unless you are growing winter crops. If you have tender crops in the garden its too cold at night for them now.

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