Friday, March 15, 2013

March Blooms at the Community Garden

 Spring is here and there is so much to do at the community garden. You can see the grass has really greened up and it won't be long before it needs to be cut. This weekend we will concentrate on building some new beds and getting things tidied up. There are stakes to put away, weeds to pull and plants to compost.

Even though its only March, plants are beginning to grow. The garlic that we planted last fall is up and the Kale is looking pretty.

 How can you resist Kale in a salad? Did you know that after Kale goes through a freeze the taste changes and it gets even better. There is no easier plant to grow than Kale.

 The Primula are blooming in the rock garden. They are such a welcome site.

The Iberis or candytuft is opening its white blooms. It must love the warmth tucked in by that rock as my Iberis at home is way behind and nowhere near flowering yet.

More garlic in the allotment beds. I am still using last years garlic in cooking. The best thing I made last year was the garlic scape pesto.

More colour is provided by red cabbage in one of the allotments.

This vibrant Primula just shouts spring.

Check out all the cilantro babies. I think this allotment gardener will be so surprised as it was her first garden last year. The Swiss chard is starting to send out new leaves as well.

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