Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Ladner Community Garden- A Year in Review

Its almost the end of 2012 and with it we close on what I think has been a very successful growing season. Even though we started with a cool spring, the summer came quick and stayed hot and dry, something we aren't used to here on the lower mainland of British Columbia. I don't ever recall watering in the month of September but our dry weather continued until the end of October.

We began 2012 with our first Ladner Seedy Saturday. It was a huge success and brought like minded gardeners all under one roof. We shopped and traded seeds, bought plants, listened to great speakers and enjoyed the camaraderie that gardeners evoke when all get together. I can't wait until our second Seedy Saturday on February 9, 2013!

The first classes came from Southpointe Academy in March and we started to get the ground ready for planting.
The food bank garden grew very well and we were able to donate almost 300 pounds of food to the local food bank.

We had our first plant sale at the community garden and made a few dollars to help out with operating costs. The tomatoes were a hit at the sale.

Southpointe Academy raised $500 from their plant sale to donate to the food bank. We hope to sell five times the amount of our tea cup planters in 2013. Woah, that's a lot of tea cups!

We started building a communal herb spiral which we will finish in the spring of 2013. I can hardly wait until this is planted. Some herbs take up precious room in the allotments so this will be a better site to grow them in. All we need is some soil and plants and a few volunteers to complete this project.

Our allotment gardeners had amazing crops like this bean that Margie has grown. Maybe we need an agricultural fair next year to see who grows the best vegetables. This bean crop would be a winner.

We also need to thank all our volunteers who helped in getting the pergolas up and the cement slabs levelled. The structures are not near finished but should look lovely next summer. Think Thyme growing between the stones and new rock gardens overflowing with Roses and Clematis.

Our crops were abundant and everyone had a good harvest including our petty thief who knew exactly where the best vegetables were planted. In order to combat theft we have new signage being made and a plan for a fence and hedgerow in the making.

We also had Jim build us a proper compost base for our composters to sit on. Thanks to River Reach Marina for donating composters to our garden.

 We had the most amazing flowers planted by West Coast Seeds. What a show stopper they were! I love seeing the seed trials each year. This makes me want to take out my lawn and spread these seeds everywhere.

Jim and Gord built a new arbor as the entrance to the community garden. Way to go guys! Now all we need is a sign.
All in all its been a great year in the garden. I would like to take this moment to wish all our members, neighbours, volunteers and board members a happy holiday season. We couldn't have done it without you.


  1. Congratulations, a great year for your community garden . So many projects came to fruition including sharing produce with the food bank!
    The photos show your progress very well. Looking fording to seeing you at Seedy Saturday in February.

    Well done, Ladner Community Garden!

    Regards Janine

  2. Beautiful documentary, I am so happy to see the successful year of Ladner Community Garden.

    The carrots look awesome!


  3. that's really great I love it, very inspiring me in gardening