Sunday, October 7, 2012

Thankful in October For Community

Here it is October and it still feels like summer. Last year we didn't have to water our gardens past the end of August but this year we are still watering into October. Crazy weather! You have to wonder if it will ever rain. I am sure if you are anything like me, you are so done with watering. Some of us just want to put the garden to bed and others may go on to planting winter crops.

We had a bit of a spontaneous work party yesterday and lots of work was accomplished at the community garden. Jim came down and got us a load of road base to add to the west side of the composting area. Then the composters all got moved on to the base and they are all ready to use. With it already October, I know our allotment holders will be cleaning some of their finished crops out of their gardens. Feel free to add to these compost bins but try and chop up your greens so they decompose faster. It also makes more room for everyone else's plant material. If we run out of room we will have to have you take it home for curbside pickup so chop, chop.

Our builder, Gord, showed up and wanted to work on our pergola structure. Its quite the job getting the floor levelled underneath before we can finish building so if you want to help, let us know. We decided to get some sand delivered and Gord started shovelling to get some sand on our new stone walkway.

 All of a sudden more community garden family showed up and they all pitched in to help. We are so lucky to have such great volunteers. For those of you who don't know, I am now in a wheelchair waiting for more surgery. I feel really useless not being able to do my part. Mind you, I held a baby so someone could clean their garden. That's a good trade off. Nothing better than a baby fix to make my day. The volunteers all helped to clean up the children's garden. We still have the herbs, kale and 100 mile diet salad garden growing but the rest has been cleaned up and top dressed with seaweed.

The garden looks pretty bare right now and its hard to say goodbye especially when its so sunny out. Thank you Lynn for watering what was still left in the garden.
The rest of the plots must be cleaned up by November 30 unless you are growing winter crops. Don't forget to save seed from your garden to help save some money in the spring.
Whats next in the garden? As we clean our gardens and get them ready for winter, your board members are busy planning our Christmas potluck which is on November 10. We are also planning our second Ladner Seedy Saturday for February 2013. I mean really, our winter is only three months long and then  we will be getting the gardens ready for another season. Now if only it would rain and we could put our feet up!

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