Sunday, May 27, 2012

May In the Ladner Community Garden

Happy gardening to all our members at the Ladner Community Garden. What a different season we are having this year. The sun has been shining with a few showers in between to keep our gardens watered. Perfect for growing our vegetables. 

The grade three class planted this garden to assist our donations to the local food bank. Its time to plant a few more seeds in there where we can. Its all about successive plantings.

The potatoes we planted in March are doing great. Lets hope we can harvest a few next month.

 I took this shot last night. Its so nice to visit the garden in the evenings. Remember to have your plots planted by May 31 as stated in the garden rules. You want to be able to harvest as much as you can from your allotment. The gardening season generally runs from March to October but watch some of us grow winter crops this year.

 I think this plant is just beautiful. Those blue green leaves would be great mixed in a herbaceous border. Now I am getting ideas. I have corn and beans growing with my flowers at home. Anywhere I can find a bare spot I plant some more seeds.

So many allotments have new seedlings up! Keep up the good work everyone. Remember to mark your calendars. We are building a pergola on the weekend of June 23-24 and also having a community dinner on the Sunday. We would love to have volunteers if you are free. Just think, we will have a bit of shade to sit under soon. We will also be building an herb spiral soon so if you are interested in attending this class, let us know. Never heard of an herb spiral, check it out here. This will be a collection of herbs for all of us to share, kind of a communal garden.
If you have just planted seeds, be sure to water carefully until they have germinated. The top of the soil dries out quickly. Once your plants are up they don't need daily watering. You want to begin encouraging the roots to travel deep to find moisture. This will develop a stronger plant.
Good news, the allotments are full this year. We also have a waiting list of people interested. More and more people are wanting to grow their own food. That's a good thing.

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