Friday, April 20, 2012

What Can I Plant in my Garden This Week?

If you haven't planted already here are some ideas for your garden plot. Its time to plant carrots, beets, Swiss chard, broccoli, cauliflower, celery transplants, onion and leek transplants, parsnip, kale and head lettuce. Phew, that's enough to get you going for now. If you want some growing information on any of these vegetables, check it out here. Enter a vegetable in my search box and you should find out all the growing information you need. If its not there, let me know.
The city has turned the water on so we are good to go. Not that we need it yet. With rain every other day it will be enough to get your seeds going. If you are planting transplants, try to plant them on a cooler or overcast day. Transplanting on a sunny day can be tricky. The new transplants will need to be watered carefully.

This year you will need to add some soil to top off your garden beds. A lot of beds have settled and adding new soil will help. I see lots of activity with insects and earthworms in our beds so that's a sign of a good growing medium.
This weekend we will be preparing for our upcoming plant sale on May 12 from 9-12. The sale will be held at the community garden. If you have plants to donate, please let us know. So far we have over 200 plants for sale. We will be having a potting up session on Sunday, April 22 from 9-11am. We will also have a short meeting and Don will be doing a presentation on what you can plant now and how to read a seed packet.
This is an exciting time of year. We hope to meet you all this weekend.

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