Thursday, July 14, 2011

Your Gardens Are Making Me Hungry!

Here it is July and the community gardens look great. I know there have been some concerns about how things are growing. Be sure to use some fish fertilizer or manure tea every couple of weeks to fertilize your garden. Its even been recommended to add some glacial rock dust to your gardens.

I took a walk around the gardens last night and wondered why people weren't harvesting their crops that are ready. Check out Desiree's radishes. I know she is away but make sure you check yours to see if they are ready. If they have bolted due to the summer heat (Ya, I know, where is it today?) try putting the radish flowers in your next salad. They are delicious and taste just like radishes.

These green onions can be cut to use in salads now too. You don't have to cut them all, just take what you need for tonight's dinner. They will continue to grow.

I am not sure who owns the allotment with the mint in it but its ready to use as well. Can I say mint tea? Just cut a few branches, wash lightly, put leaves in a teapot, pour boiling water over and let steep for fifteen minutes. It is absolutely delicious!

Just look at this beautiful lettuce. I know, I think I come to the garden hungry as this just has me wanting salad. How pretty! Cut a few leaves before it gets bitter. This is a cool season crop and needs to be eaten soon.

Check out this iceberg lettuce. Can I say perfection? Obviously the rabbits are more interested in wild grass and haven't seen this garden. Seriously, I still haven't seen any bunnies.

Are wondering whats happening with all the rocks at the front of the garden? One of the board members is using old driveway aggregate to build an English rock garden. It will go across the whole front of the community garden. We have some starter plants being healed in to bed #47 and they will go in as we build the garden. If you know anyone taking up an existing driveway, let Sharon know as we would be more than happy to take the concrete off their hands. So far that is two driveways used up.What a cool way to recycle!


  1. Beautiful guys! Keep up the great work!!

  2. I seriously have to come visit and see this awesome community garden! Really proud of you Mrs. Crouch with making your dream a reality. =)

  3. Troy, come any time and I will give you a tour. Dave, thanks for the comment. All the gardeners are new at growing food.